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Book Worm Life!  Celebrating world book day.  Considering Thursday 5th of March was World Book Day and we live in an era of busyness and sensory overload; we would like to share some of our favourite books with you. We're talking about page-turners with the power to make us put electronics on silent, snuggle into our imagination and the world of words. The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle The perfect read for artists and anyone who wants to excel. Have you ever wondered how Beyonce is so badass? Everyone has a skill that comes naturally to them. Otherwise known as a talent. So does this mean if you're not naturally talented in a specific area, you can't be badass too? The Talent Code blasts that theory right out of the water! It screams if you really want it put the hours in. If you know an artist, recommended this book. If you are an artist, do yourself a favour, read this book! The talent code highlights the importance of repetition and strategic focus.

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